Tasman Custom Engineering.

Tasman Scientific has designed a broad range of customer products that are performing in the laboratory every day.

Our capabilities include:

  • Design new product concepts, redesign or update an existing product for improved manufacturing, better reliability, better performance and cost reduction.
  • Complete project design including sheet metal or plastic and mechanical systems.
  • Microcontroller with software for minimum PCB parts count.
  • We specialise in "real time" applications with all types of sensors such as speed, temperature, acceleration, pressure, gyro rate, humidity, gas concentration, etc, etc.
  • We are able to control mains AC outputs with micro zero crossing for minimal EMI reducing the cost of EMI suppression components for heating and motor speed regulation and control.
  • Temperature measurement with a wide variety of sensors including linearization. ie. PT100, Thermocouple, NTC, Semiconductor. Outputs- current loop, voltage, serial etc.
  • Transducer interface. Analog and digital transducers of all types.
  • Stepper motor micro step control.
  • Switch mode drive for DC motor control and power supply or power regulation.

We have a well equipped machine shop and are able to produce a variety of mechanical components/instruments in metal, plastic, composite materials, timber etc.

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