Tasman Scientific Printed Microscope Slides are produced with MENZEL-GLĂ“ER microscope slides. Standard slides are 1.0 mm thick
26 x 76 mm (ISO Norm 8037/I) Frosted end in extra white glass.
Other types available to order.
We offer a wide range of designs and colours in either PTFE or Epoxy ink printed.

Custom Slides

If you need a different design, we may be able to supply from current designs or a custom slide is readily produced.
Just use the contact button and send a sketch or request well size and number of wells. We design it for you, and after the drawing is approved, your slides will be produced.
Select from our standard range of colours. Other colours are available.


New Tasman direct price.

MIC- $35/box-(50 slides)
TAS- $45/box-(45 slides)
Quantity discounts apply.
MICxxx 5 boxes $25.00/box

Note: Add 10% GST in Australia.
Tasman Scientific range of MIC printed slides has been in production
for more than 15 years.
Choose from either Epoxy MIC or the new PTFE ink TAS version.
  • bullet MIC-Hydrophobic solvent resistant Autoclavable Epoxy.
  • bullet TAS-PTFE "High Build" for demanding applications.

Popular pattens

type pattern type pattern
040 24x4mm MIC040 031 3x13mm MIC031
052 40x2mm MIC052 007 2x9mm HSV1 HSV2 MIC007
054 2x6mm Control Test MIC054 016 1x11.2mm text on frost. MIC016
024 10x6mm MIC024 049 8x4mm blood. MIC049
042 6x8mm MIC042 020 18x5mm MIC020
A065 8x13mm MICA065 NEW Glass 76mm x 50mm
Colour deepRed Red deepBlue Blue lightOrange Orange black Black grey Grey white White
Other colours are available on request
Order as MICxxx colour or (Epoxy) or TASxxx colour (PTFE) eg. TAS040 blue.
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