Tasman Scientific service Laboratory Instrumentation and service Industrial Instrumentation and service Industrial Controls.
Electronic Instrument service for Industry and Scientific Instrument service for Laboratory Instruments and appliances. Laboratory Equipment Service.
We service PCB assemblies, also we design and manufacture, engineer and upgrade PCB assemblies.
Tasman Scientific also provide support and service for local Manufacturers, Suppliers and Distributors of Electronic Instrumentation for Industry and Laboratory.
Tasman Scientific repair, service, update controls of existing equipment. We service, repair, refurbish, Incubators and Ovens, upgrade PID controls.
We upgrade service mechanical systems such as motors and gearmotors, service Scientific Instruments and service Industrial controls.

Authorised service representative. Manufactures Service Center.
Products manufactured or sold by:
Laboratory Equipment Service.
  • Service Laboratory Equipment, Heating, Water Bath, Incubator etc.
  • Service Laboratory Equipment, Mixing, laboratory Shaker and Orbital Shaker.
  • Service Laboratory Equipment, Sample preparation, Crusher, Homoginiser.
  • Service Laboratory Equipment, NIR, IR, UV-VIS Spectrophotometer and Analyser.
  • Service Laboratory Equipment, ATA, Bran+Luebbe, Technicon NIR.
  • Service Laboratory Equipment, Ultrasonics for sample preparation and mixing.
Industrial controls and equipment.
  • Service Industrial Controls for Flow, measurement/control.
  • Service Industrial Controls for Pressure, Temperature measurement/control.
  • Service Industrial Controls and machinery, Mixing/dosing.
  • Service Industrial Controls and machinery, Packaging machines.
  • Service Industrial Battery Chargers and Battery Charges, all types.
  • Service Radio frequency Industrial and communication equipment.
Equipment upgrades, Mechanical Instruments.
  • Upgrade Ovens and Incubators and PID Temperature Controls and Timers.
  • Refurbish mechanical systems and upgrade Industrial controls.
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