Tasman Scientific has a close association with Ratek Instruments providing technical services to develop a wide range of controls for their products.
With kind permission from Ratek Instruments, some examples of their products that use Tasman Scientific controls are illistrated here.
PID Temperature control
PID Temperature control with 0.1 deg C resolution and control to 0.05 deg reolution for excelent stability.
Various sensors can be used such as Thermistor, PT100 and Thermocouple.
Low power LCD transformerless version for minimum cost.
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Motor speed control.
Various types of motors, Induction, Shaded pole DC and Stepper are used in products driven by Tasman Scientific controls.
Smooth control and stable operation is important for these products.
Load sensing cutout for safety is included.
Ratek OM8 Ratek OM11
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