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PSA100A Power Auctioneer.

High reliability power supply system.
Designed to allow two power supplies, operated in a redundant mode, to be connected to a load.

Reliable automatic operation.

  • "Power OK" indicators.
  • Current rating: 25 Amps.
  • Alarm contact if the output falls below a specified limit.
  • Models available for 5-48volt operation.
  • Rail or surface mount enclosure.


Power supply voltage. 5V (Note 2) 12V 24V 48V
Alarm voltage (Note 1.) 5.3 11.4 22.8 45.6
Power dissipation. 2W+0.8W/A
Voltage drop. 0.6-0.8V
Power terminal rating. 36 Amp
Alarm contact rating. 5A 120Vac/8A 30Vdc
Mounting. DIN rail or surface mount.
Dimensions. 120mm x 140mm x 65mm WxHxD

Note 1: Alarm voltage standard setting is 5% below the nominal input voltage.
Range of adjustment is 2 - 10% below nominal.
Note 2: 5 Volt version requires input voltage of 5.6 Volt min. to supply TTL levels.
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