Dual Tumbler glass Dual Tumbler
Tumbler outline
Dual Tumbler dimentions.

Tasman Single or Dual Tumbler.

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Dual Tumbler Dual Tumbler Dual Tumbler Dual Tumbler Dual Tumbler

Two rotating containers that Blend and Mix Liquid & Dry materials. Compact design which consumes minimal floor space.
Easy access via folding clear doors with safety electrical interlock switches.
The Stainless steel trays will contain any spillage and prevent contact with rotating parts.
The drive system is extremely robust and uses inverter motor drive with programmable time and speed control.
The two tumblers are completely individual

High capacity Laboratory sample preparation Blending and mixing.
Sample contained in bottles, jars or any container that can load into the mixer boxes and tumbled at a programmed speed and time.
Up to 40 liters total or 8, 4 litre Carboy bottles per tumbler.
Single Tumbler version available.

  • Box capacity is 0.1m^3 each.
  • Speed range 1-44 RPM
  • Time in hours or minutes 0-99
  • Very quiet in operation.
  • High security- safety cut-off.
  • Maximum power consumption is 300watts each.
  • Power is 240V AC 50 Hz, 110VAC on request.
  • Total weight is:50kg approx.
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